Aathmanatheswarar temple, one of the sacred shiva sthalam in Tamil Nadu


Aathmanatheswarar kovil, lord shiva as aathmanatheswarar with parvathy

Aathmanatheswarar kovil is a main shiva temple in tamilnadu considered as padal petra stahalams located at the southern banks of cauvery river in tamilnadu. prime deity is lord shiva with his consort parvathy installed in the sanctum. athmanatheswarar is the self manifested deity and which facing to the west direction. vinayagar, viswanathar and visalakshi are the min sub deities of aathmanatheswarar temple. rituals takes place on the swayambhu lingam in the sanctum and the installation for parvathy as gnanabikai together with main deity. dwara palaks are presnt in at the entrance to the temple.

Devotees pray to atmanatheswarar to clears the obstacles in marriage proposals, having good ducation and health etc. after the fulfillment of their wishes thay offering milk abhisheka to the deity. milk abhisheka is the main offering in the temple. it was a place worshiped by ashtavasus. according to the hindu legends Aathmanaatheswarar kovil is the 274th shaiva sthalam at thanjavure. nayanmars mentioned in the temple for thevaram. there are many festivals are host annually in the temple. this is one of the ancient temple, so that the beauty of the structure is in ruin stage.


Arulmigu Aaathmanaatheswarar Temple
Arulmigu Aaathmanaatheswarar Temple

In old days this place was known as alampoozhil an later called thirualampozhi, the installation of goddess is very powerful one. maha shivarathri festival is the grnad event host in Aathmanaatheswarar Temple. except shivarathri it celebrate shashti, karthigai mondays, navarathri, avani moolam, aippasi annabhishegam by following the traditional manner. thanjavur is the nearest city to the temple, thiruvalampozhi is 13 km away from thanjavure, frequent bus services available from thanjavure bus stand to the spot. thanjavure s also the nearest possible rail head. trichy is the closest airport to aathmanatheswarar kovil located at a distance of 65 km

pooja timings:-
morning- 7.00 am to 12.00 noon
evening- 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm

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